Billions of people are occupying this planet right now, pregnant with potential; pregnant with a purpose that will never be realized. Just beyond the veil of their ignorance is the power to change the world, but they are unable to see their own uniqueness, they’re oblivious to their own power. They have the talent to entertain the masses, the knowledge to teach millions, but they are swiftly heading to their grave pregnant with potential which will never be realized. Potential that will never be seen again. They are so much more than what they have become.

This article was written to ensure that you fulfill your purpose, to ensure that you don’t go to your grave pregnant with potential.

Below are “The 7 Steps” that you must utilize to fulfill your destiny (the reason that you were born):

1. Be Yourself – “Everyone is born an original, but most die copies.”

Don’t try to become a copy of someone else! “God-dog-it” be yourself, everyone else is already taken!

I don’t want to be the next Tony Robbins, I don’t want to be the next Stephen Covey, or the next Jim Rohn, I don’t want to be these men, I want to be “me,” I want to walk like me, talk like me, motivate like me, inspire like me, …I want to be me!

Because no one else can be me like me. No one can compete with me being me. No one has a better version of me, …and guess what? No one can compete with your uniqueness…because no one can be you like you. No one has your experiences…no one has your stories…no one has the same combination of passions…no one else is like you…

Don’t try to copy someone else’s “exact” path to success…you have your own path, which is not identical to anyone else’s. You were born to do something that has never been done before; the path to get there will be unique. Use others as a guide, but do not attempt to copy their life and their passions, their path will only work for them.

2. Think That You Are Great Now – Don’t think that you must first become great, before you can take great actions. Think that you’re great now, and take great actions today! Tomorrow never comes, when you get into what you’re calling tomorrow, you’re going to rename it “today.”

Lincoln acted great as a backwoods attorney long before he became a great president. Don’t wait to act great. It’s your acting great that will cause you to be great.

What actions would you take today if you were already great? Would you be bolder, would you take more calculated risk? Would you be more confident? Think that you are great now, and greatness will surely follow.

3. Discover Your Purpose and Your Passion – You were born to fulfill a specific purpose. It maybe to entertain, or to teach on a certain topic, but you “arrived” on this planet for a “very specific reason.” You must discover this reason (read my article “How to Discover Your Life’s Purpose in the Next 10 Minutes”).

After you discover this reason, you must perfect it, and you must communicate it to the world.

Do your friends know the reason you were born; if we called them right now, could they tell us your life’s purpose in a word or two. If you asked my friends why I was born, they would say to teach “success” and “prosperity.” That’s it.

What were you born to do? Everything created solves a problem, are you solving the problems you were created to solve. If you’re not, you’re headed to your grave pregnant with potential.

Passion is the key to your potential.

What are you passionate about? Can you sum it up in a word or two?

4. Focus on Your Passion – It’s not enough to just communicate your passion to others, you must “dedicate” your life to fulfilling that passion. I’ve dedicated my life to teaching people how to live the abundant life. Fifty years from now this is what I’ll be doing. With this level of focus, I’ll become one of the “Great Self-development teachers,” and with 50 years of pure unrelenting focus on your passion, you to will become great.

5. Affirm Yourself – You must be the first fan in your “fan club,” and you must be your biggest fan. If you don’t believe in you, why in-the-world should anybody else? You know you best, you know if you’re worthy to be believed in.

Muhammad Ali, the former “World Champion Heavyweight Boxer” went around affirming that he was the “greatest boxer of all times.” He was confident before he had proof in the material world, he didn’t wait for someone to affirm who he was; he told people who he was. He said, “I’m the greatest boxer of all time.”

He said, “I shook up the world, I shook up the world, I shook up the world!” Will you shake-up the world?

6. Empty Yourself – Put it all out there, put everything on-the-line; you can’t succeed without giving your all! You’re going to have to live your life to the fullest; you’re going to have to play it to the hilt. Whatever you’re pregnant with, whatever you were created to do, do it. Don’t leave this life with one ounce of regret; dedicate your life to fulfilling what you’re passionate about.

7. Be Courageous – All of the things we’re talking about will take courage to perform. Don’t buy into the “little-old-me” thinking. There’s a poem that goes, “You have all that the greatest of men have had, two hands, and two feet….” You have everything you need on the inside of you to fulfill your potential. Don’t think, “if only I had more money,” you don’t need more money, you just need time.

Get into Action Now

When someone says they can see your “potential,” they’re not talking about 20 years from now, they can’t see 20 years from now. What they’re saying is, “They can see greatness in you right now”…so get into action today.

Fulfilling your purpose is the only way you can succeed!

In closing, I want to tell a brief story that you may or may not have heard before. There was a lady whose son was trapped under a car; in order for the little boy to survive the mother had to pick-up the front of the car to release the boy.

With focused effort, the lady did the impossible, she picked-up that car and the little boy went free.

The lady found it very difficult to talk about this amazing feat. She was discouraged by the thought of the accomplishment.

She thought, if she could do that action, which she thought was impossible, how many other things could she have done with her life, if she would have committed to accomplishing them.

Don’t let this happen to you. There’s nothing that you can’t do, you have the ability to fulfill your destiny, don’t go to your grave pregnant with potential. Discover your purpose and fulfill it; the world will be a better place because of it.

Thank you for reading where every article expands your mind, increases your faith, and changes your life.