Signup as a host for a Mastermind
We are so happy that you're interested in becoming a Mastermind host! Before we jump into organizing your event, here are some technical infos about what it takes to be a host.

After filling in this form, you will get to schedule a kick off call with The Arc Headquarters where we will lead through the whole process.

- You can provide a space that will fit everyone (16 people max, 10 people min).
- Whilst The Arc will push the PR for the event, depending on which city you are in we might need your support. You are hence happy to promote the event within your own city.

- We honestly will try our best for you to have the most wonderful experience while working with The Arc (having said that: We will probably fail as we are messy and sometimes a bit forgetful - but rest assured that we pour our hearts and souls into this)
- Full support from The Arc headquarters, we will support you with the logistics, with crafting the theme and the flow of the evening before the event
- We promote your dinner on our webpage and online channels
- We take care of the online payment and invoicing
- We provide you an Arc facilitator who helps you with creating the space for the conversation, brings in creative tools and makes sure you can also participate in your own event
- We follow-up after each event
- We reimburse all your costs of the event and you get to keep the food after the event
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What topic(s) do you feel strongly connected to that could be a theme for your event? *
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Please give us a couple of dates when you could organize the event *
Normal times are 18:00 (prep time starts), 19:30 (event starts), 23:00 (event ends)
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Please give us the address where you'd like to host the event *
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Please give us your phone number so that we can get in touch with you *
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When would you be available for the kick off call?
To facilitate planning, maybe let us know a couple of slots when we could get in touch with you to discuss the details.
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Anything else?
For instance: Are there cool organisations we should get in touch with in your city? Are there special newsletters this event should be on? Anything you wanna share!
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The PR for the event
If we don't wanna stress out shortly before the Mastermind to sell approx. 16 tickets, our experience taught us that we need to invite at least 40 people beforehand. The Arc will promote the event on its website/ facebook/ newsletter, but depending on the number of alumni we have in your city, we might need your help with it.
I have understood that I am co-responsible for guest invitations and I CAN (or COULD ;)) think of at least 40 people to invite. *
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