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What is The Arc?

The Arc coaches young visionaries to a level where their impact is inspirational to themselves and to others.

Are you a purpose-driven individual hungry for creating a job that both excites and fulfills you? Or an organisation daring to go new routes in leadership development? Then The Arc is by your side to support YOU and YOUR MISSION through our EVENTS and our personal COACHES

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What The Arc can do for you 


Join a Leadership Bootcamp | #fast_track

A disruptive makeover. Get clarity on your authentic purpose, overcome what’s holding you back and figure out the next steps. With a tribe of peers you can rely on. The Arc Bootcamps are  intense residential  training-coaching-events to realign, recalibrate and reboot your career, your impact and your life. Curious? Get your free consultation session and find out whether The Arc fits you. 

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Experience 1-on-1 Coaching | #deep_track

The VIP-version. For those seeking more continuous 1-on-1 support we offer personal coaching sessions.

Surviving the startup frenzy

  • Upgrading my leadership, becoming more persuasive and authentic
  • Co-founder conflict and managing startup teams
  • Negotiation strategies

Finding my purpose

  • Redesigning my career/ impact
  • Find work I am passionate about, CV review/application booster
  • Ditching the cubicle to start my own business

Mastering my emotions or healing from tough times

  • Healing pain, letting love in, setting boundaries
  • Anything that is fluffy and beautiful

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Get a tailor-made program for your team | #customised_track

You are intrigued to go new, daring routes in leadership development? Get in touch to schedule a needs analysis with us and design your team experience below.

  • Leadership training | Growing into and transitioning to new leadership roles
  • Teambuilding | Alignment
  • Negotiation preparation | Negotiation tactics
  • Conflict management | Raising the tough questions | Radical honesty
  • Practicing resilience | Mindfulness | Self-care
  • Culture hacking

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Immerse yourself into our free content | #freebie_track

You just wanna flirt?
We’ll flirt back.

  • We zealously innovate and publish personal growth exercises which we share on our Youtube channel
  • (including free downloadable PDFs and all sort of materials).

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  • Here we run free online workshops and webinars.
  • We also share the good, the bad and the ugly behind-the-scenes stories from the team.
  • And you can connect with like-minded Arc alumni/ community members.

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Meet our alumni

The Arc provided a safe, supportive and inspiring environment to dive into my strengths, shortcomings, dreams and visions.
Danny | Strategy Consultant, Switzerland
I would say it some sort of very powerful and positive magic *blink* And the awesome thing is, unlike at the events I have been so far, this event has a big permanent impact on my life. One could also say that the magic just continues afterwards!
Christoph | Software Engineer and Youth Leader, Austria
I have done many different things in my life. I have been addicted to video games, have worked in marketing, sales, web development and I have been a trainer both professionally and in my NGO. It took The Arc and a moment that nearly made me question all my beliefs to discover what I really want to do in life, and that is to make people laugh on stage. Hell of a ride…
Demjan | Comic Artist, Entrepreneur a.o., Slovenia
In The Arc you face reality. Participants are inspired to grow, challenged to take full responsibility of their lives, and helped to break all the chains that prevent us to become what we really are. Results were fantastic. The Arc was an extraordinary moment in my life. I think about it every week.
Eero | Sales Manager, Finland
To me, The Arc is pure empowerment! It’s a catalyst that makes you get the best from yourself – personally and professionally!
Lukas | Youth Leader, Germany
This course has transformed my life in an unimaginable way, and in turn I can see lives all around me transforming in the most beautiful ways as well. My reality is changing, and changing for the better. Don’t think, just apply, be honest about who you are and that is all The Arc asks of you, rather allows you to do.
Chloé | gamechanging Dentist, Ireland/USA
I would say it some sort of very powerful and positive magic *blink* And the awesome thing is, unlike at the events I have been so far, this event has a big permanent impact on my life. One could also say that the magic just continues afterwards!
Kristiina | Brand Manager, Estonia
You’ll get to meet some pretty inspirational people whose examples you’d want to follow!
Jelena | Teacher & Youth Activist, Serbia
If you accept the idea that everything that happens at The Arc will happen for a reason and every person will be there for a reason, you CANNOT go to there and come back without having been touched deeply by what you experience.
Katharina | Writer and European Project Leader, Austria
The best way to predict your future is to create it’ – so far you experienced that life is unpredictable? Here is your chance: be ready to create, be ready to explore, be ready to LOVE YOUR LIFE! You haven’t done it until you did it – so go out there and be brave, be the person you want to be, learn to be yourself 🙂 Believe me ‘The Arc’ will set you FREE!
Hannah | Head of Business Development, Germany

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