Peer Counselling

How my mindset is holding me back.

How to play this exercise

1.To find out in what specific way the coachee’s thinking has hit the end of the road

2.To support the coachee in understanding that THEY have all the power it takes to change (shifting from a vague problem to a concrete decision)

  • 20min per person / ideally 3 people (can be played with 2 or 4 people, but 3 is easiest)
  • You start as 1 person being the storyteller and the other people being the “Peer Council”

Only play this if…

  • You are sure you have a good level of group trust!

Do not play this if…

  • there is major conflict in the group or any other potential trust issues such as 2 people being direct competitors.
  • you know that a topic you might wanna bring up will wildly trigger/ traumatise a group member.

STEP 1 | Storyteller shares for 4min straight

  • The topic is: What is my biggest challenge? #streamofconsciousness
  • The Council (= everyone else) puts their mics on mute

STEP 2 | Council meets 10min

  • Storyteller goes on mute and turns around so that the discussants can’t see her/his face and answers the consent question: “How honest do you want the group to be with you on a scale from 0 to 10?” (10 = just fire away. 7 = say what you have to say but be polite. 0 = stop this game immediately!)
  • Council discusses:

a.What is the REAL challenge?

b.What is the storyteller protecting her- or himself from by not overcoming this challenge? How is it understandable that the storyteller hasn’t yet found the inner resources to free her- or himself from that problem?

c.The choice: What decision is the storyteller facing? To tolerate the pain of “not moving forward”? Or to tolerate the pain of “overcoming whichever obstacle is in the way”?

STEP 3 | Insight collection 3min

  • Storyteller notes down any important insights
  • Do not give feedback to the accuracy of each others’ observations during step 2 to avoid the council to sanction itself in the next round. Just take what you wanna take.
  • Switch to the next person.
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