Project Description


Gunda Echeverria (Trainer, Germany)

Teach First

My life in a nutshell

As long as I can remember, I have dreamed of becoming a therapist (maybe just after wanting to be a Kung Fu warrior or a Salsa dancing superstar as a child). It took me a few years abroad and travelling to get real-life reassurance. I very much enjoyed my detours, which led me through Andalusia, the Amazonian jungle and Andes of Peru to a Dutch university. There, I finally studied psychology. Having grown up with two cultures, I concentrated on multiculturalism and bilingualism. I earned my masters in clinical psychology.

As a Teach First Germany Fellow I discovered my enthusiasm for education and training. Beyond my time as a teaching fellow, I still work for equal opportunities for all children with the social association SocialMinds in Cologne. Through projects, workshops and coaching, we support teenagers from challenging backgrounds. Some of these individuals go on to being the first ones in their family to receive a university degree.

All the while I am forming my therapist profile by becoming a psychodynamic psychotherapist for adults as well as for children and youngsters, and adding a systemic touch by conducting family constellations.

My past training experience

In therapy and coaching, I first and foremost believe in the other person. With a kind and warm approach, I challenge the person in front of me. Hereby, I focus on what is needed rather than wanted – whilst carefully considering boundaries. With my non-judgmental view, I invite to consider new perspectives. With curiosity, I seek to shed light onto conscious, pre- or unconscious topics by thinking out of the box, always following my intuition.

My appreciation of people in general and my focus on strength makes it possible and interesting for me to work with various groups, ranging from actively searching individuals to those who have committed crimes or are addicted to drugs.

My core of field of training

Personal development, empowerment through focus on personal strength, new perspectives by asking surprising questions