Module 2b
Why are you here?

Welcome back!

How are YOU? How is your LIFE? 

You are just about to start a second journey, a journey that has the potential to be different and equally meaningful. This part is about action, about your next level and – as always – about:

Who YOU dare to be and which IMPACT you wanna stand for? 

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Your WHY | Homework

What is your WHY?

Why are you here?

Some homework

So let’s get going!

For 20-30min think about:

  • What do you want to change as a result of this course? (note: we will still work on this in the next module, so for now it’s enough to be a bit general if you don’t know exactly yet what you want)
  • And what is your WHY? Remember: Those with the strongest why have the best motivation to continue when things get rough. So: What other areas will be positively affected if you manage your next level? Your relationships? Your health? Your career? Your sense of fulfillment? Your level of contribution to the world? How come the next level you chose is so important for you?

Below there is space for writing for you.

* You can fill this in in a private notebook as well. If you do fill it into the survey below you will get a small email for documentation.

Thinking about your WHY is a time where it is JUST AND ONLY ABOUT YOU!

It is a true ACT OF SELF CARE:

Hence, it makes sense to use it as such. For the duration of the exercise feel free to:

  • mute your phone,
  • maybe make a nice cup of tea or have a great glass of wine next to you
  • and switch on beautiful music… whatever maximises your enjoyment of the experience.

What is your WHY? (reflective writing exercise)


Click HERE for the exercise.

Stay tuned, the next session is coming soon!